Business Services

Adore Floors, Inc. is an international manufacturing company with headquarters in Europe and the USA and with distribution worldwide. We manufacture quality Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) and plank flooring lines suitable for residential, light commercial and heavy commercial use.

Vertical Integration

As proponents of vertical integration we manufacture all our product lines including Decoria, Adore Touch and Adore Style. We control all aspects of production from feature innovations to shipping and as a result, offer more dependable service and more timely deliveries. Adore Floors is your partner in creating beautifully styled, highly desirable products that offer great value for both retail consumers and commercial end users. 

We Make It Happen

We appreciate that business is market-driven, and we work diligently with our sales networks and channels. It is a vital part of our business model to ensure that the appropriate tools are available. And, as part of our philosophy and culture, we continue to innovate our business practices to ensure the success of our partners.


We are long-time advocates of environmental responsibility in technologies and features. In fact, we have practiced advanced recycling and other green measures for our entire existence. 

 Innovation. It’s in our dNa.