Adore Floors are...

the world's leading manufacturer of Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT). We combine innovative technology, superior quality and creative design in the development, manufacturing, delivery and support of all our Decoria, Adore Touch and Adore Style products. 

Innovation and Environmental Stewardship

Adore's innovation originates with continual research and development efforts. Historically, Adore has been a true recycling pioneer and contributes to the maximum amount of LEED credits that an imported resilient flooring product will allow. 

Adore's technological leadership is evidenced by the use of NanoSilverTM and MicroCeramicTM, which dramatically increase scratch and wear resistance throughout the life of the flooring. We manufacture an ultra-high quality flooring product that is sterile and germ-free.

The Adore Commitment

Our commitment to customers, the flooring industry and the global community at large is drawn from a generation of manufacturing expertise and experience.

It is visualized in a wide panorama of stocking visuals, colors, patterns, textures as well as a host of embossing options.

Innovation.  It's in our dNa.