MicroCeramic™ is an exclusive Adore technology that nearly doubles a floor’s hardness and durability without sacrificing visual appearance, pliability or affecting the thickness of the wear layer. 

The Adore MicroCeramicTM Difference:

The Adore MicroCeramic™ hardening technique adds strength by infusing rugged micro-sized ceramic glass beads into the wear layer below a floor’s polyurethane coats. They protect floors against heavy traffic, scuffs, scratches, stains and other damage, thereby extending floor life and easing maintenance.

Adore does not mix ceramic with aluminum oxide in the polyurethane surface coats as do many competitors. So Adore floors do not wear down prematurely or dull the optic visual.

Introduced in 2007, Adore MicroCeramic™ is used in floors for commercial and residential spaces. The addition of MicroCeramic™ beads also reduces the amount of virgin polymers in our product, which is consistent with Adore’s commitment to environmentally sensitive manufacturing. 

MicroCeramic™.  It’s in our dNa.