Adore is the first Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) manufacturer to employ silver (Ag+), a naturally occurring antimicrobial agent, in flooring. NanoSilver™ technology is effective against bacteria, viruses and some molds, yet is non-toxic to humans and animals. NanoSilver™ makes sense for a variety of applications, from healthcare and hospitality to schools and homes.

The top polyurethane layers of our NanoSilver™ floors contain actual silver that has been split into nano-sized particles, each 1 billionth of a meter.  This exponentially increases the surface area coverage, thereby increasing the antimicrobial efficiency of the floors.

This antimicrobial agent works in two ways:

  1. NanoSilver™ works with hydrogen in the air to denature the disulphide bonds in life-sustaining enzymes produced inside microbes.
  2. NanoSilver™ works with oxygen in either air or water, breaking down microbes through oxidization, an antibacterial process that works similarly to hydrogen peroxide.

NanoSilver™ is an innovation that helps to create a healthier indoor environment for our customers.

NanoSilver™.  It’s in our dNa.